Hi all,

Today I tried to create a new application based on Views. But unfortunately formspider do to permit any DML operation in the screen. The datasource becomes a locked query only object.

90% of my forms are based on views. There are many benefits of using views. And of course database gives instead of triggers to save data in a view.

In oracle forms, on-update, on-insert, on-delete triggers are available for the developer to do his own custom update,insert,delete. And of course, oracle forms do not lock the screen. If formspider team could only facility the developer to manage his own DML process he has more freedom working with formspider. Now he is restricted, in my case almost 90%.

Is there any plan to give this freedom to developer in the near future? I am seriously interested to know.


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Hi George,

No worries. Formspider supports DML on Views. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Pick a PK for your view. This will enable DML Permissions box on the Datasource Definition screen.

  2. Check Insert, Update and Delete checkboxes.

and voila! Formspider can now issue insert update and delete statements to your View.

If your View is updateable by default, this is all you need to do. If your View is not updatable, you can write Instead Of Triggers for your view to make it updateable.

Hope this helps. Best, Yalim


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Hi Yalim,

Thank you very much. As far as I am concerned this is a great news.

One more thing. Actually, I do not use instead of triggers. I have written a single small procedure that will collect the data and do the DML operation by itself. This way when a new view is added I do not have to write instead of trigger. This procedure will take care of everything. I think this must be OK with formspider.

You have a great product indeed.


(28 Feb '13, 09:25) George
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