Hi all,

When the setFilterWhereClause command is issued, an internal executequery command is automatically issued by formspider. Is there any possibility to avoid this and let the developer decide to execute the query by himself or give it as a parameter option? Because I have a scenario where I do not need an immediate executequery after setFilterWhereClause.



asked 26 Feb '13, 22:13

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Hi George,

api_datasource.setFilterWhereClause API does not cause an internal executequery command(does not repopulates the datasource). When this API is used, the data existing in your datasource remains same while the data displayed in the UI is narrowed following the where clause specified.

Best Regards,


answered 27 Feb '13, 02:41

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Hi Ibrahim,

That is what exactly I am saying. When I am only trying to set a filter it should not immediately filter it. For immediate filtering we already have api_datasource.executequery command. If this also does the same thing there is a duplication.

Any way no problem for now. I solved my problem in another way.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

George PS. See, I am an Oracle person and I am tuned the way Oracle did it. There, if you say to set the filter it will set the filter, and that is all. It will not filter it immediately.


(27 Feb '13, 03:59) George

Hi George,

I'm glad that you have solved your problem. I understand your request but as you said api_datasource.setFilterWhereClause immediately filters the data. However, please note that api_datasource.executequery does not the same thing with api_datasource.setFilterWhereClause.

api_datasource.executequery requeries the data from the db and repopulates the datasource, meaning that you will obtain a new dataset in your datasource and lose all changes made on the datasource...

(27 Feb '13, 04:32) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

api_datasource.setFilterWhereClause does not requery db and repopulate datasource, it only narrows the data displayed on the UI, meaning that you will keep working on the same dataset in your datasource and not lose the changes made.

Hope this helps,

(27 Feb '13, 04:32) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you for passing on this knowledge to me. As a result I can code more intelligently. I think that you should put his tip in the manual as well.


(27 Feb '13, 04:49) George
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