Hi all,

I have single datasource. There are two panels to display the data. One grid panel and the other form. I can navigate rows in grid using arrow keys. But my form display panel will not synchronize data to display the corresponding row in the grid. However, if I go to another panel and then click the grid row, immediately the form panel is refreshed. But if you sit in the same grid panel and navigate to another row nothing happens. Please advice.

Thank you.


asked 25 Feb '13, 19:36

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Hi George, you probably didn't add a "Current Row changed" event in the datasource.


answered 26 Feb '13, 01:05

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Vlisidis Akis
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Hi Akis, On a separate note, ı am looking forward to a little bit information about the application you built so that we can place it on our blog. :-)

Sorry to be a pest like this. I hope you understand how important this is for us. You are one of the best Formspider developers and it would mean a lot to us.

Best, Yalim

(26 Feb '13, 01:30) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦

Thank you akis,

What is the command I should issue in the "Current Row changed" trigger procedure? Sorry, I am beginner with formspider and that is why I always ask for code example.

God bless you.


(26 Feb '13, 02:22) George

Hi George,

In your case, you don't need to call a specific API in your "Current Row Changed" event procedure since the purpose is only trigger this event for synchronization. Therefore you can use a dummy procedure as:

procedure dummy is


(26 Feb '13, 03:17) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you. It is now OK.


(26 Feb '13, 09:01) George
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