Hi all,

How can I take the user to a specific column from the current column? How can I set the order of column navigation at runtime? Please show me a complete example or take me to the tutorial.



asked 25 Feb '13, 19:17

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Hi George,

In Formspider, the order of column navigation cannot be different from column order in UI, therefore, it's not possible to set the order of column navigation without changing column order in UI. Is that suitable for you?

Since the order of column navigation is always the same with column order in UI, you can take the user to a specific column from the current column only programmatically, by adding a TAB key event to the column or grid and making some API call in this event. This implementation will be possible in next version but we don't recommend it.



answered 26 Feb '13, 04:03

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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Hi Ibrahim, I make single software product that meant for multiple companies. The product should be flexible enough to cater to the needs of all companies. One company which used the product initially had item,description order in quotation, S.O. etc. A new manager came and he wants to change it to description, item order. But the other departments in the same company want to keep the original order. This is a simple case and there are other examples I can give. So we have made a procedure that can customize column navigation and is set once at runtime.(No space.I am adding another comment.)

(26 Feb '13, 08:26) George

Hi Ibrahim,

(I am continuing from my previous comment.) It is not possible to have two/more navigational order in the same screen at design time. Creating multiple form is not at all practical or cost effective.

We have used the next_navigational_item,GO_ITEM etc features of Oracle forms to set runtime navigation.

But, Ibrahim, you already have this feature. When I shift the columns in the grid the navigational order changes from the original UI design time order. Similarly, if I disable a column at rumtime that column is no more navigational. So I assume that you already have it.


(26 Feb '13, 08:44) George

Again, navigation should facilitate us to move from one panel to another freely and easily.

(26 Feb '13, 08:47) George

Hi George,

In Formspider, the navigational order is always determined by the UI order, therefore, changing the UI order in runtime (by shifting columns for example) also affects the navigational order. If I'm not misunderstanding, you are aiming to change this UI order in runtime. If so, such an API is currently not available but I will create a ticket regarding this issue.


(26 Feb '13, 09:17) Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦

Hi Ibrahim,

Yes, I am aiming at changing UI order at runtime as you correctly said. Thank you for taking action.

May God keep blessing you and the formspider team.


(26 Feb '13, 09:35) George
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