Hi, Is there any way to obtain only the rows that had changed in a datasource without loop over all rows?

asked 25 Feb '13, 11:56

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Jorge Alonso
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Hi Jorge,

You can use api_datasource.getQuery API to get a subset of the datasource row set. Note that Formspider adds two additional columns to the SQL retrieved with this API:

DS_ROWID: Row's framework assigned datasource row ID
DS_ROWSTATUS: Row's current DML status. Valid values are:

  • api_datasource.ROW_STATUS_DELETED : Deleted row
  • api_datasource.ROW_STATUS_TEMP: New row which is not modified yet
  • api_datasource.ROW_STATUS_NEW: New row which is modified
  • api_datasource.ROW_STATUS_UPDATED: Updated row
  • NULL: The row is just queried from the database and no update or delete operation is preformed yet

In your case the subset will be the changed rows, which can be found by filtering the DS_ROWSTATUS column. For example, you can obtain only the updated rows of a datasource named "EMPLOYEES1" with the following code snippet:

  type t_emp is record (employee_id employees.employee_id%type, first_name employees.first_name%type, ds_rowid number);
  type tt_emp is table of t_emp index by binary_integer;
  v_emp_t tt_emp;
  execute immediate
    'select employee_id, first_name, ds_rowid
     from ' || api_datasource.getQuery('EMPLOYEES1') ||'
     where ds_rowstatus=:1'
  bulk collect into v_emp_t
  using api_datasource.ROW_STATUS_UPDATED;

Best Regards,


answered 26 Feb '13, 02:55

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Ibrahim Sand... ♦♦
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