Hi formspider team,

How to implement change/save process?. When user exits the application without saving his changes, I want to issue a warning about unsaved changes. This process involves first finding out whether the user made any changes or not. If there is a tutorial, kindly direct me to there.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi George,

You use api_application.isDMLNecessary or api_application.isDirty APIs to check whether unsaved changes exist or not in your application. The difference between these two APIs is as follows:

api_application.isDMLNecessary API returns Y when any updatable datasources existing in the application has uncommitted changes. Updatable datasource means at least one of the delete/update/insert permissions should be checked on the datasource definition. The function returns N if the modified rows don't belong to any updatable datasource.

api_application.isDirty API always returns Y if any datasource existing in your application has modified rows. It doesn't check if this datasource is updatable or not.

To sum up, depending of your need, you can use api_application.isDMLNecessary API to check only the changes made on datasources which are subject of the DML opertions or api_application.isDirty API to check all datasources.

Best Regards,


answered 24 Feb '13, 05:06

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Hi Ibrahim,

Thank you. This will help me to implement the save process.



(24 Feb '13, 10:26) George
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