I'm developer who (with other colleague) works still with Oracle Designer and Forms tools, with Apex solutions comming on small door..

I'm currently developing support for clients to communicate directly over electronically signed documents which have been created directly within our own applications. So, while considering new platform for developing application, I would like to know what kind of support this platform have with making office documents based on templates, and is there any tools/method implemented for creating and verification e-signature on office and pdf documents..

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Hi Zeljko,

A Formspider application can provide output to Excel with a single API call. We have not worked with templates yet but if you are interested in using Formspider, we'd be happy to work with you to get your templates working with Formspider.

There are organizations that use e-signature with the documents they create using Formspider applications. The actual implementation of the e-signature is usually handled with the tools and libraries that create PDF documents, not directly from within Formspider. So Formspider has no API's for digitally signing documents. There are also plenty of PL/SQL libraries that can generate PDF. So this seems to be a nicely solved problem. I don't see how we can add value.

Kind Regards, Yalim


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Thank you very much for your prompt and kind answer.

It is nice to know that you are ready to work cooperate with us to achieve auto-creation of office documents, but I have to think about it a lot - to have something allready done (as for example you've mentioned API call to excell) is one thing, and to develop it another thing - it is time consuming :-(.. Such functionality we allready have in our Oracle forms applications, and this I don't want to lose if I'm to jump on another developing platform.

And I'm aware of PDF tools, but what I need from aplication is to be able to read 'PDF' file, is it electronically signed, by whom and when, is it send and received, for bussiness flow can't go further if some premises are not fullfilled.. We made a some progress in such functionalities, but still there is lot of problems to solve, so I'm asking around is there any 'finished' work on such subject, to see if there is easier way to get my project done..

I'm aware this are 'huge' wishes of functionality, but such are our customers :-)..

(19 Feb '13, 05:03) ZeljkoVlasic

Hi Zeljko,

There are PL/SQL libraries out there that can generate office documents. Maybe they can help you as a ready-to-use solution?

Unfortunately, Formspider does not have the API's to read PDF files. But I would suspect that the PL/SQL libraries that can create PDF files can also read them. Did you check them?

So I don't think you'd be losing these features if you develop your applications with Formspider. You'd just be using PL/SQL libraries that are provided by other vendors along with Formspider.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards, Yalim

(19 Feb '13, 05:21) Yalim K. Gerger ♦♦
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